Highland Park, Dark Origins 46.8% 70 cl. - Whisky fra Orkneyøerne

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Dark Origins er en utrologt lækker aftapning fra Highland Park, som er lagret på det dobbelte antal first fill sherry fade i forhold til en Highland Park 12 års, hvilket giver en ekstra fyldig og kompleks smag.




A new sherried release from the famous Highland Park,is called Dark Origins and it is a combination of 80% first fill sherry casks (of which 60% is European oak and 20% American) and 20% refill sherry. A dark expression which fits in with the distillery's origins – founder Magnus Eunson being a smuggler who worked in the darkness of night. Dark Origins is inspired by the cunning spirit and courageous personality of Highland Park’s infamous founder, Magnus Eunson. This latest addition to the core expressions uses twice as many first fill sherry casks than in the classic Highland Park 12 year old resulting in a naturally darker, richer flavour.


Tasting Notes

Colour: Rich mahogany

Nose: Sherried spice and ripe bananas combine with toasted hazelnuts and baked apple

Palate: Well-balanced, dry peat at first mellowing out to maraschino cherries, warm dark chocolate entices the palate

Finish: Enduring sweet smoke